Shop Mounts for A/C Overhead Garage Door Openers

Thunder Mounts can be mounted above or below the cealing or supports / joists. Thunder Mounts are the Best Solution for mounting garage door openers and garage door tracks. Thunder Mounts   TMX24671
Thunder Mounts TMC24672Thunder Mounts TMS24671Thunder Mounts TMX24671

Thunder Mount Custom TMC24672 d esigned for custom built homes with taller garages and ceilings. T his kit provides longer tubes for that application. Designed specifically to mount o verhead garage door openers. All Thunder Mounts easy to assemble.

Thunder Mounts (Standard) TMS24671 $159.99 The Original World Leader in Multi-fit Overhead Garage Mounting Technology. Designed specifically to mount AC overhead garage door openers. 

Thunder Mount Extra TMX24671 Overhead Garage Door Opener Mount This kit has extra length from the Standard TMS kit. This kit has a 14" tube and an adjustable 7" tube with a total length of 19 inches. Made by Thunder Mount Garage Systems LLC.