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Join the thousands and thousands of customers upgrading the interior of their garage door and openers installation material for the clean strong and finished looks of Thunder Mounts Solution. Created and developed to offer customers, installers, businesses, and industry leaders around the world a better choice in the way their garage door and opener installation project starts and ends. Thunder Mounts are well made in America. Designed to safely mount today's modern overhead garage doors and openers accomplishing a desirable clean finished symmetrical result every time everywhere. And most of all, providing this high-quality product for our Industry and installers to do a better job for our customers around the world. This is "Thunder Mounts Solution" raising the bar for today's International Overhead Garage Door Industry. Our Installation length chart at the bottom of this page will help you decide the kit that best fits your needs. Just measure from the top of your support joist to the bottom of the door track or opener attach point. 

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 "Be careful of inferior copycat products made in China or Mexico" 

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 Brand Name Garage Doors and Openers 

 Custom Made Residential Garage Doors and Commercial Garage Doors 

We now offer Epoxy floors completing the great looks with Thunder Mounts.

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    Thunder Mount Shirts Thunder Caps Thunder Mounts can be mounted above or below the cealing or supports / joists.
    Thunder Mount ShirtsThunder CapsTMC-24

    Thunder Mounts Shirts available soon!

    Made of 100% Cotton

    Thunder Mounts Caps coming soon!

    24" max.

    Fits A/C & D/C Openers. LiftMaster, Genie, Chamberlain, Ryobi and others.




    TMCDC-26 TMGTL-24 TMGTL-29

    26" max. Adjustable.

    Fits DC Overhead Garage Door Openers. Fits: Motorline Profesional USA, Marantec, Sommer, Sky-Link and others.

    Total lenght is 24 inches.

    Minimum or 19 inches.

    5 inches of adjustbility.

    29" Max.

    Fit's all garage doors and tracks.

    "No Adjustability"




    TMGTL-34 TMGTS-12 TMGTX-19

    34" max.

    Fit's all garage doors and tracks. 




    12" max. "Adjustable"

    Designed for standard track homes with low ceilings or high tracks.


    19" max.

    Fit's all garage doors and tracks.





    TML-29 Thunder Mounts are the Best Solution for mounting garage door openers and garage door tracks. Thunder Mounts New Multi-Fit base for the Next Generation of DC Overhead Garage Door Openers.

    29" max.

    No adjustability on this model. For A/C & D/C Openers. LiftMaster, Genie, Chamberlain, Ryobi and others. Fit's garage door openers.

    12" max.

    For A/C & D/C Openers. LiftMaster, Genie, Chamberlain, Ryobi and others.

    Max 12" Designed for D/C Overhead Openers that mount on the rail. Fits: Motorline Profesional USA, Marantec, Sommer, Sky-Link that mount on the rail.




    TMX-19 TMXDC-19 3" Quiet Rubber Roller (Each)
    TMX-19TMXDC-193" Quiet Rubber Roller (Each)

    19" Max.

    For A/C & D/C Openers.

    LiftMaster, Genie, Chamberlain, Ryobi and others.

    19" max. 

    Designed for D/C Overhead Garage Door Openers that mount on the rail.

    Fits: Motorline Professional USA, Guardian, Marantec, and others D/C rail mounted openers.

    3" Quiet Rubber Roller with a 7 inch stem rating:200lb load; 100,000 cycles of a 12" door.

    This is the one to get if your garage door makes a lot of noise.

    And your ready to change them out for these quiet ones.




    Marantec 300 Comfort Genie 6170 Edge Mounted Garage Door Opener
    Marantec 300 ComfortGenie 6170 Edge Mounted Garage Door Opener
    Comfort 300 series The ultimate in comfort and efficiency Comfort 360, 370 and 380 - our highlights in white. The patented blueline technology reduces energy use to virtually nil whenever the opener is not in use while, at the same time, the...Highlights New wall mount style clears up ceiling space by eliminating rail & powerhead from ceiling. You can use the freed up space for extra storage or just enjoy the clean, uncluttered look. Aladdin Connect (Model 6170 only) –...



    The decision to remove the "so called free" 100-year-old industry-standard sharp-edged punched-out material is one of the best safety upgrades your home can have! Our customers are Interior designers, building contractors, door dealers, home owners and remodlers around the world that searched and found this high-quality product to accomplish this truely professional installation. No cutting needed! Made to fit smooth-edged powder-coated parts assemble together hiding the wires out of sight for superior clean looks and safer installations. Included are installation instructions hardware and finish ring. Made to construction code standards. Order today the next best safety upgrade that adds asthetic value clean looks and safety inside the garage of your home. 

    Door dealers contact us to become a Certified Thunder Mount Installer in your area!

    Retro-fitting garages with monthly orders discounts. 






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