Thunder Mounts are the Best Solution for mounting garage door openers and garage door tracks.
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Thunder Mounts TMS24671

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  • Manufacturer: Thunder Mount Garage Systems LLC
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Thunder Mounts (Standard) TMS24671 is the Original World Leader in Multi-fit Overhead Garage Mounting Technology. Designed specifically to mount AC overhead garage door openers. Thunder Mount (standard) is for mounting overhead garage door openers on standard track homes. All Thunder Mounts have  a adjustable cradle and channel to center the mount to the door and adjustable tubes for easy installation and adjustment. Easy to install design allows you to install Thunder Mounts above or below the joists supports.Thunder Mounts have addressed reduceing sounds and vibrations traveling to the home, apt. or condo from the rolling door and opener. All the hardware and instructions are included with every Thunder Mount Kit.Thunder Mount Standard is also able to be a minimum hight of of 3.5 inches with only the channel, cradle, base with-out tubes attached. Or with tubes attached adjust from 7 inches to 12 inches in length. 12 inches max.


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